The BV 5/1 Bp backpack vacuum, with its lithium-ion battery, is a great choice for quiet cleaning, maximum suction power, and very long runtimes.

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Experience the freedom and productivity of going cordless. The 2nd Generation BV 5/1 Bp backpack vacuum is 100% powered by its new lithium-ion battery, ensuring quieter cleaning with maximum suction power and very long runtimes. Its clever, ergonomic and patented carrying frame enables simple handling, reduces the build-up of heat on the back, and at the same time prevents annoying vibrations. It can be easily adjusted to various users, thus ensuring a high level of comfort. The machine is also easy to operate because all important operating and additional functions, such as eco!efficiency mode or the charge status display, are controlled directly via the control panel on the hip strap. In addition, this backpack vac is designed to be lighter and has an improved motor life. Wherever a lack of space makes cleaning work difficult, the BV 5/1 Bp backpack vacuum is an excellent solution.

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Weight 20 lbs
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